The Lost Future
Category Action , Adventure , Sci-Fi
Year: 2010
Time: 90 minutes
Production: RTL
Director: Mikael Salomon
Sean Bean, Corey Sevier, Sam Claflin, Annabelle Wallis, Eleanor Tomlinson
MPAA PG-13 / UK15
Our Rating 6/10 - A pretty good TV Movie!
Watchability 6/10
Contributed by JT

In the future, the Earth has been ravaged by a disease that leaves the infected as mindless savages.  A small tribe of survivors have lived together for generations on Grey Rock, but when their camp is attacked by 'the Beast men', three of their own must find help - or a cure.

So, how does it end?

Amal (Sean Bean) finds the three adventurers, and leads them to his island safety, as 'the beasts' are afraid of water. He tells them that they are all infected after close contact with the monsters, and the only cure is a Yellow Powder that was discovered by Kaleb's father.  As it happens, Kaleb's father wasn't a lunatic, but united twelve tribes of men - placing an overseer to protect each one, and was betrayed by a man called Gagen who wanted the powder for himself.

Next day they set sail and find a tower which they will light to attract the other overseers. But they are attacked by the Beastmen again, and the three must leave Amal behind and sail to a lost city to find Gagen.

They soon find the city down river, and decide to ask a thief about the whereabouts of their leader.  Kaleb and Dorel are soon captured. Savan, the Chief's son, finds Gagen's daughter to explain that his tribe need the Yellow Powder cure. She is surprisingly quick to believe him and turn on her father, who they trick to find the powder, hidden in an old metal torch.

Savan cures his friends, and they escape.

They make it to a rope bridge someone has conveniently left for them to cross one of the rivers, but Gagen shows up with his bodyguards, and Savan is hit with several arrows while protecting his friends, and falls to his death.

Kaleb and Dorel make it back to the mountain where their tribe are hiding, and just in time to cure them. The monsters are still lurking, but Amal and his friends show up and cut them down.

Gagen makes another appearance - but Kaleb dispatches him with a well-aimed axe throw.

A little while later, Miru (Kaleb's sister) is teaching a group of children to read and write, while Kaleb prepares to return to Gagen's city and the library, to make more Yellow Powder.

Does it never rain in the future - or do all the old paperbacks in the room with no roof have those plastic covers you find on library books that will outlast the Apocalypse?!
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