The Magnificent seven
Category Adventure , Epic/Historic , Military/War
Year: 2016
Time: 132 minutes
Production: MGM
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Kawke, Haley Bennett, Peter Sarsgaard
MPAA PG-13 / UK-12A
Our Rating 8/10 - Enjoyed this one!
Watchability 8/10
Tag-line Justice has a number.

Barholomew Bogue is relentless in his pursuit of gold, and the quiet town of Rose Creek is next in his path. When he offers the townspeople a third of the value of their homes in compensation, and murders several protestors, widowed Emma Cullen turns to hired hand Chisholm (Denzel Washington) and his newly formed crew of mercenaries to help them take down Bogue.

So, how does it end?

The Magnificient Seven, with Emma and the random extra 'Teddy Q', ride into Rose Creek and take down Bogue's welcoming party, each man taking out half a dozen bad guys - except Goodnight who still suffers from Post Traumatic Stress.

They have a few days to teach the townspeople who to use weapons, and prepare the town for war. They also pay a cheeky visit to one of Bogue's mines to grab some dynamite.

The Sheriff reaches Bogue and tells him that Chisholm called him a coward, and is soon shot.

In the big finale, Bogue has hired a few hundred extra men and they race towards Rose Creek.

The good guys are lying in wait, and pull out all the stops - Ewok-style wires to knock horses over, timed explosions, leading men into killing zones, and so on.

But there are too many bad guys (way too many!) and Faraday is shot pretty bad.  Bogue is restless and pulls out a Gatling gun, killing a lot of townspeople, and his own men.

Bogue's own Comanche is up next and takes out 'the bear' Jack Horne, and is about to kill Emma when 'hard as nails' Red Harvest shows up and takes him out instead.

Faraday knows he needs to stop the Gatling gun, and rides towards it. Billy and Goodnight, from the church steeple, give him sniper support - but are taken out by the machine gun.

Faraday drops from his horse, shot several times, before he reaches the bad guys. He pulls out a cigar - and one of the bad dudes lights it for him - but then Faraday uses it to ignite a stick of dynamite and hurls it at the gun.

Options are running out for Bogue now, who starts to get his own hands dirty.

At the church, Chisholm wins the duel against Bogue, then follows him inside and wants him to feel remorse for murdering his family. Bogue is about to use a sneaky pistol near his ankle, when Emma shows up and shoots him.

As it ends, the dead are buried, and the people of Rose Creek will forver be grateful to the Magnificent Seven.

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